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Jason Hope´s 3 Approaches for the Future of Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have always been a part of how we communicate, but how it is done may change drastically. Jason Hope draws up three potential paths for social networking. These paths are aimed at making it more personal, professional, or creating a community. According to Hope, here are three future possibilities for social networking.


  1. Social media platform to aid businesses in expounding their brands

Marketers are now shifting their focus from lead generation to brand loyalty. This is why companies are investing more in social media marketing. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are now being used to broaden the customer base and increase customer engagement. For Jason Hope, this means that people can now learn about new brands through their social media platforms. 


  1. The entertainment landscape is more powerful than before.

The entertainment industry is expanding rapidly, and with all this streaming Television, social media sites now have the means to become a major entertainment platform. From music to sports to movies and TV shows, Jason Hope recalls, social media sites will likely be used to increase the user’s entertainment experience.


Jason Hope Take on Longevity Research

  1. The function of mobile devices is about to change.

With more than 91% of internet users accessing social media sites through their smartphones, the need for mobile apps is evident, businessman Jason Hope states. Thus, once social media sites can thrive on mobile devices without compromising the user experience, mobile apps will provide a very effective way of increasing customer engagement and allowing businesses to spread their brand presence.

Activist investor and philanthropist Jason Hope’s opinions on the greatest social media platform – Facebook. Facebook is almost a household name now. Many people use this social media site to keep in touch with family members and friends. However, in the near future, Facebook might become less popular. This can be because users use other social media sites more often and because people are moving away from the site.