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Stephen Bittel Leading by Example

The Chairman and founder, Stephen Bittel, is a titan among all business leaders. His promising company Terranova Corporation has been in the industry since 1980 and bears accomplishments such as being the leading real estate investment firm in The United States.

Besides being a self-made tycoon, this remarkable man is a humanitarian. He has contributed to many organizations, such as the Movement Disorder Division at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. His generosity is almost unbelievable. He has donated to many causes and charities.

Stephen Bittel tremendously influences all his employees, believers, and colleagues. His company Terranova Corporation is a beautiful company that benefits society in many ways. His brilliant mind has led him through the company’s path of success in the real estate investment industry. Stephen held a C-level position at the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority and Chapman Partnership.

This experience is a vital piece of Terranova’s success. He has mastered the fields of transportation and real estate investment, which will help his company flourish as they continue to grow in the years ahead. Bittel has ensured his firm stays true to its roots of integrity and quality. Stephen has provided many jobs to people, and this will continue shortly.

Stephen Bittel is a great leader and a role model to numerous people. He is outstanding, and I have yet to meet such a magnificent man. The Terranova Corporation is excellently making the company grow by putting its customers first and ensuring its employees receive the best benefits possible. Stephen has set forth civic engagement by teaching and mentoring the young generation. According to Bittel, one should always be prepared for any occasion by ensuring enough cash. This is a key to his success. Bittel wants to help people who need it, which would continue with his company as he plans to expand and hire more workers.

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