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Tenant Representative- Hughes Marino

 At a time when commercial construction and development companies were working fully as landlords’ brokers, Hughes Marino knew that the industry was heading for expansion. This corporation is a construction and development firm leading in the industry. The group has been working with experts since its inception. 


Hughes Marino and its administration revealed they had to go out of their way and break the culture in the building sector. Instead of only serving and negotiating deals for the landlords, the buyer and tenant representation firm went far beyond to stand in the gap even for the tenants.


 After years of building the tenants department, Hughes Marino has become one of the country’s leading construction firms representing tenants. The firm is responsible for providing unmatched support to its clients. The Hughes family owns Hughes Marino. Jason  is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman, while his wife, Shay Hughes is the Chief Operating Officer and the company’s President.


The Hughes Marion management team noted that the firm is 100% owned by the family and does not work with the stockholders. Their sole commitment is to ensure that their clients get the best services and are answerable to all their concerns and challenges (Inc). 

Since the creation of the building company, it has experienced tremendous expansion and has focused on customer satisfaction. Hughes Marino prides itself on being on the frontline of giving the clients what they require and even exceeding their expectations. The firm is a trendsetter when it comes to innovation. Its strong values set Hughes Marino apart from other construction and development companies.