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Dr. Sam Jejurikar has the skills, confidence, and knowledge to provide state-of-the-art treatment for your aesthetic needs. Dr. Sam is passionate about medicine and science and strives to provide his patients with the best aesthetic care possible. Dr. Sam believes in using careful judgment to achieve a healthy living environment through cosmetic surgery and dermatology services.

Dr. Sams’s goal is to satisfy his patients’ wants while delivering them a sense of tranquility and well-being they did not know was possible until now. Dr. Sam takes their health seriously because it is YOUR health that creates YOUR future! Read more reviews on YELP

He has experience in all forms of cosmetic surgery, including face and neck reconstruction, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation, and several reconstructive surgery procedures. Dr. Sam is passionate about helping those who want to look better, look more beautiful, and feel more confident. Dr. Sam will always ensure you leave the office with the utmost confidence as WELL as your improved appearance!

Is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon in Dallas, Texas, who provides both cosmetic & reconstructive surgery in Far Northside. He is the “best plastic surgeon in Dallas.”