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Hughes Marino Is a Leading San Diego Commercial Tenant and Buyer Representation Business

Hughes Marino was founded in San Diego in 2011 by Jason and Shay Hughes, siblings and co-owners of the business. The firm is a trusted name in the San Diego commercial construction management market, with a reputation for providing exceptional service and expertise to its clients. The firm has a team of experienced brokers knowledgeable about the local market and can provide clients with valuable insights and guidance throughout the leasing or buying process.


The firm works exclusively on behalf of tenants to help them find the right commercial space for their business needs. The firm´s brokers are skilled negotiators who can help clients secure favorable lease terms, such as rent concessions, tenant improvement allowances, and renewal options. The Hughes Marino´s firm’s tenant representation services include site selection, lease negotiation, lease renewal, and relocation assistance.


In addition to tenant representation, Marino provides buyer representation services to clients looking to purchase commercial construction management. The firm´s buyer representation services include property search, due diligence, negotiation, and closing assistance. Hughes Marino takes a client-focused approach to its business, prioritizing the needs and goals of its clients above all else. The firm’s brokers work closely with clients to understand their business objectives.


Also, to help them achieve their construction management goals. The rep firm also strongly emphasizes transparency and integrity, ensuring that clients have access to all relevant information and that all interactions are conducted professionally and ethically. In addition to its commercial construction management brokerage services, Hughes Marino is also committed to giving back to the community. 


Marino also supports local schools, education initiatives, and environmental conservation efforts. Hughes Marino is a leading commercial construction management brokerage firm in San Diego known for its expertise in tenant and buyer representation. Also, for their client-focused approach, and commitment to giving back to the community. Whether you are a tenant looking for the right commercial space or a buyer searching for the perfect investment property, Marino is a top choice for all your commercial construction management needs.