Nick Millican: Home of Former Pink Floyd Manager Up For Grabs

A new beachfront home in Sussex is on the market, and real estate investor Nick Millican has high hopes rock n’ roll fans will see this as more than another brick in the wall. Steve O’Rourke lived in the home while he managed Pink Floyd. O’Rourke is credited as helping build the band to the iconic status they are today.

In 1997, Thomas and Elsebeth Gatacre purchased the property for £162,000 and sold it to a producer in 2014, as real estate agent Nick Millican adds. The price tag has increased in the 30+ years since the Gatacre owned the home. The home now has a price tag of £3.5 million.

The one-story, five-bedroom beachfront property spawns 3,000 square feet. It is built around two 19th-century railway carriages and features a white canvas scheme with pine floors, sash windows, and canvas roofs. According to Nick Millican, this implies a very good deal.

The open floor plan downstairs leads to an open garden. Three bedrooms are downstairs, Nick Millican describes. Upstairs, the home features two bedrooms, an office, and a living room with a large roof deck overlooking the beach.

The home features an art studio, sauna, and outside, a lavish living space featuring:

An al fresco dining area, firepit, and hot tub. The property has lavish, comfortable features suitable for any family. Nick Millican believes the home is an amazing investment for buyers seeking a beautiful, private home that gives them an escape from the hustle and bustle of London.