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Tieks Offers Some Of The Best Women Designer Flats To Its Clients

Tieks is one of the leading American women’s shoe manufacturers. It falls among the first company brands to go International. The company uses Italian leather to produce shoes with the highest quality possible. The various women’s footwears from the organization are foldable for easy carriage in smaller purses. Kfir Gavrieli, a renowned businessman, co-founded the company in mid-2009, and Tieks has expanded massively over the years. Its women designer flats offer maximum comfort for prolonged usage. The following aspects make Tieks designer flats stand out from the rest.

  1. Different Color Options

The award-winning women’s footwear maker knows that people have different color preferences. Therefore, its flat designer shoes come in four different colors. For example, a buyer may go for Matte Black, Tyrian Purple, Midnight Blue, or Pacific Green. The Matte Black option is an excellent choice for many ladies looking for something that fits well on their legs, while the Midnight Blue designer flats are ideal for a wedding reception due to their exceptional comfort.

  1. Various Designs

Like color, most buyers want to purchase brands with multiple design options. Luckily, Tieks doesn’t want to restrict its loyal customers to only one design. Tieks offers four different styles that shoppers can choose from.

  • Classic – The classics category comprises shoes made of standard leather. Many people like them because of their stunning look and relative durability.
  • Prints – Like classics, prints are made using standard leather but with print patterns, including plaid, metallic, and Leopard.
  • Patents – This category comprises designer flats painted in one solid color.
  • Vegan – Unlike others, Vegan materials don’t include any animal products.

Other Features

Apart from offering various designs and color options, the shoe manufacturer makes products of different sizes. One of the defining aspects is that they manufacture only whole-size shoes. There are no half sizes. The shoe sizes range from 5 to 13. Go to this page for additional information.


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