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Wabtec Corporation Leader Greg Aziz

Greg Aziz, CEO of Wabtec Corporation, has bridged the gap between technological innovation and industrial production. His involvement with the Canadian Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (CAPMA) and a national committee on manufacturing is largely responsible for how he managed to identify new ways of improving Canada’s manufacturing industry. 


His leadership as a member of the Canadian Auto Parts Manufacturers Association (CAPMA) has allowed him to become an innovator through his collaboration with the auto industry and work on practical and technological issues. Greg Aziz also established himself as an advocate for several issues, including labor relations and government efficiency. 


He played a central role in producing a new agreement between two major unions representing thousands of steelworkers in Canada. This agreement established a new relationship between the two unions, thus bringing stability to labor relations in Canada. Greg Aziz is committed to providing all his employees with the best possible benefits and a workplace with superior working conditions. 

Wabtec Corporation Leader Greg Aziz

Today, Greg exports around 80 percent of the products manufactured in Canada to more than 60 countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Greg was born in London, Ontario, in 1949 (Newswire). 

His father, Aziz, was the president of Wabtec Corporation in Hamilton, Ontario. Business leader Greg Aziz had a passion for steel products since his early childhood. He remembers, as a young boy asking his father if he could take some steel scrap home to build model cars with. At the time, Greg’s father’s answer to his request was a strong negative because he did not want him to ruin his design with cuts and nicks all over it.